Drew Barrymore’s New Venture

A while back we mentioned that Drew Barrymore was in talks with Walmart to develop a makeup line. Well, friends — that day has come.

Now official, Drew Barrymore is has teamed up with the manufacturing firm, Maesa Group to launch a colour cosmetics line called Flower, that will be available exclusively at Walmart. Why? Because, according to Drew, “[they] wanted it to be in the people’s hands.”

The actress has been 100% involved in the process, and mentioned how passion for a project tends to overshadow even the most basic of things. (Ex. sleep.)

“I think, if you really care about things, then you just naturally get involved,” she said. “I don’t want to sit there and hope it works out. I want to be in the middle, in the mix, making sure it works out. It is almost an uncontrollable desire to be one of the people who is creating. Maybe it is just a type of personality. I can’t sleep at night. I care.”

Awesome! The line runs from $4.98 to $13.98 and includes a whopping 181 products, and will be available in January. A pretty good way to start the new year!


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