Drew Barrymore to Wear Chanel at Nuptials

Actress Drew Barrymore has remained pretty hush-hush about her personal life — she hasn’t spoken a word about her upcoming wedding plans, nor has she even confirmed that she is pregnant. However, a few juicy details of her upcoming wedding to Will Kopelman have been revealed.

Barrymore is planning an intimate summer wedding for June 2 on her estate in Montecito, California.

She wants it to be very personal and intimate, a source said. She wants to do it right and be surrounded by family and friends.

The ceremony will be performed by Kopelman’s family Rabbi while Barrymore dons a Chanel gown.

Barrymore and Kopelman haven’t been engaged for very long, but their shot-gun wedding has nothing to do with the bun in Barrymore’s oven. The two are simply in love. Although, Barrymore is also hoping her bump isn’t too big when she walks down the aisle in her couture dress.

She wants to marry Will soon,” another source said. “Not just because she’s pregnant, but because she loves him and wants to be married before the baby is born.”

Barrymore is said to be expecting a girl.

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