Drew Barrymore for Wal-Mart?

Well if anyone can attest to makeovers, it’s Drew Barrymore. Especially since she’s been re-inventing her look (despite always looking awesome), since her “Poison Ivy” days. However, now, she’s making it professional.

Drew Barrymore is reportedly designing her own makeup line for Wal-Mart. Since her Cover Girl contract ends in January, reports claim she’ll then join forces with Intercos, where they’ll work to create her very own line.

However, Procter & Gambel (who own Cover Girl), have refuted this — kind of: “As a rule, we don’t discuss the details of our contracts with our celebrities and ambassadors.”

OH, REALLY. Well, fair. But according to Women’s Wear Daily, Drew’s collaboration with Wal-Mart will be “the first full makeup brand developed from scratch exclusively for Wal-Mart,” while Us report that sources say Drew’s already working overseas to develop the product.

Interesting. Sounds like all signs point to yes on this one. Just please, Drew, if you’re listening, offer Poison Ivy-inspired lipstick.

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