Does Taylor Swift Have a New Beau?

Taylor Swift has never been one to shy away from a public outing with the new guy in her life, and this time around that new guy seems to be Glee‘s Chord Overstreet. 

On what very much so looked like a date, Taylor and Chord went to a hockey game in LA last week and even did a bit of cuddling while Taylor laughed on his shoulder.

The two even have a familial connection. It is being speculated that Chord Overstreet’s dad, who is Paul Overstreet, a country music songwriter and musician, introduced Taylor to his son. Perhaps daddy Overstreet is trying to play matchmaker

But dating Taylor seems to come with some baggage. She has definitely had a tumultuous love life ever since she hit the music scene. Jo Jonas (who broke up with her in a 20-something second phone call), Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, and she’s even been linked to Chord’s fellow Glee cutie, Cory Monthieth. 

However, it hasn’t been that long since Taylor’s heavily publicized (and really weird) fling with Jake Gyllenhaal (who is 9 years her senior). It was reported that she was even getting chummy with the rest of the Gyllenhaal clan, a sign that their relationship was on the serious side. 

And Taylor’s love life is written all over her albums, where we can hear all the sappy and sad details of her relationships. If things go wrong, we might just hear a song about Chord on Taylor’s next album. 

Regardless, we approve of Chord. They’d make a pretty cute couple, and neither are too bad to look at. Plus, can you imagine the duets? Maybe even a ballad while Taylor does a guest appearance on Glee? It’s a match made in cheesy pop music heaven. 

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