Details on See by Chloe Released

While I don’t know how there’s a way any brand can trump Pizza Hut’s Eau du Pizza Hut, Chloe is sure giving it the old college try.

See by Chloe — launched by Coty Fragrances — will launch in the spring, and be aimed at 18 – 30-year-olds. However, this won’t be the first fragrance under the “See by Chloe” umbrella. According to New York Daily News, you can expect more scents as part of a See by Chloe line.

“Chloe is is one of our fastest-growing houses and we are positioning it as a powerhouse,” Jean Mortier, president of Coty Presitge said. “It has a huge global reach and also must potential in the US.”

Currently, Chloe already boasts perfumes called Love, Narcisse, and L’eau De Chloe. See by Chloe, however, was created by Michael Almairic and includes notes of bergamot, apple, blossom accord, jasmine, sandalwood, and vanilla. 

The face of See by Chloe will be 23-year-old Bette Franke, and the fragrance will be out in the spring. (Yet no word on whether they will also develop a pizza-inspired scent.)


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