Damien Hirst Meets The Row

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have officially made themselves fashion empresses, so should a high fashion collaboration ever come as a shock? No. Even if it is Damien Hirst, who’s teaming up with the duo to create a line of luxury bags for The Row.

Centered around the twins’ Nile crocodile mini backpack, the piece has undergone 12 Hirst makeovers, including styles with embellishments, metallic hardware, and various colours. Vogue UK has been kind enough to post all 12, so we can all know what we probably can’t afford.

However, in the big picture, this one-off collaboration is actually the first in a series of “curated artistic partnerships” orchestrated by online fashion retailer Just One Eye; one that the Olsen twins are particularly excited about.

“We are thrilled to be part of this project with Just One Eye,” they said. “Their unique approach to artistic collaborations is inspirational.”

What else is inspirational is that a portion from the profits from Hirst-designed bags will be donated to UNICEF. So if you somehow can afford the likely-higher-than $11 000 price tag, you can feel pretty good about your purchase.


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