Courtney Love Creates Clothing Line

Courtney Love revealed via Twitter that she has been working on a new clothing line called Never the Bride. The line is made up of unique vintage pieces that have been reworked into new wardrobe additions.

The line has Love’s grunge inspiration all over in, mixed in with more delicate pieces, full of lace and intricate beading.

Apparently, Love grabbed hold of some of the Never the Bride pieces back in the ˜80s when she worked at the wardrobe department at Paramount Pictures. She was supposed to trash old, mouldy clothes, but instead kept a few of the pieces for herself. She revealed that three of those dresses were reworked into one new dress for her line.

In true Love fashion, she embedded a choice curse word into every piece in her new clothing line.

In the hem of all the dresses there’s a ruby and it says c***.

That’s definitely an oxymoron to the more ethereal-sounding names she gave each of her pieces, including ˜Fairy’ and ˜Tinkerbell.’

There is no word yet on when the line might be available to the masses.

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