Computerized ‘Clueless’ Wardrobe Becomes a Reality

Cher's wardrobe system in Clueless was every young fashionista's dream. From the motorized racks to the computer program that allowed her to visualize her outfits without actually trying anything on, Cher's closet was the cause for envy for every '90's girl. Now that fictious closet is becoming a reality. has deveoped a virtual shopping environment, which is said to be identical to the one seen in Cher's massive closet. Shoppers will be able to create their own 3D model by entering their vital statistics, and can try on clothes using said model. They can then share the visuals produced via email and social media. 

Metail co-founders Tom Adeyoola and Duncan Robertson have been working on developing the Clueless-inspired technology since 2008. They worked closely with a team at Cambridge University in the UK. 

"We know through feedback that the 'share' option is key to moving our user experience forward," Adeyoola said. "Sharing outfit combinations with friends for comment and advice in the same way that consumers shop for clothing on the high street has been a key experience missing from the online shopping experience, until now."

Metail currently has partnerships with European brands like Tesco, Warehouse, Zalando and Dafiti. To try the technology out for yourself, head here, click on the desired product, then hit 'Try it on'. 

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