Celebrate the End of “Breaking Bad” with Heisenberg Earrings

Tonight is the finale of Breaking Bad and can I be honest? Nothing else matters. Seriously, nothing. I'm sorry if you think something else does, but you're wrong. I'm even more sorry if you don't watch Breaking Bad because for the next 400 years, you won't understand anything we're talking about. And it's not too late! (It's on Netflix. Go. Watch now.) There is hope.

But if you're like me, and you've been wathing the marathon, and own a bobblehead, and have Breaking Bad art on your wall (that your best friend ordered from Etsy), then this next piece of news is particularly exciting: you can buy Breaking Bad earrings. HEISENBERG earrings — by the jewellery artist, Wendy Brandes.

Brandes has released the Heisenberg Hat Single Stud Earring, and you can get one at $35, or two for $70. They're available online, and if you want one (or two), you'd better hurry because she's only made ten. (So I guess you could say they're as valuable as Heisenberg's operation itself. …Minus the law-breaking. And everything else horrible associated with Walter White.) (Fine, they're nothing like Heisenberg's operation — but they're awesome earrings nonetheless.)

In other news: it's time to start prepping for your Breaking Bad parties and wear your fedoras with pride. Are you terrified? Scared? Frightened? Ready to literally weep at the drop of a (Heisenberg) hat because I am, and I know for a fact I'm not alone here. Currently, I'm watching the episode where Mike "heads to Belize" and I hate that tonight's episode will be one million times worse than that.

Tread lightly, you guys. Unlike Skyler White, we are are all under arrest.

[image via Wendy Brandes website]

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