Carrie Underwood Shows Off her Acting Chops

Carrie Underwood is seeking world domination and the country crooner is taking her career to the next level. The former American Idol is about to show off her acting skills (or lack thereof) as a guest star on ‘How I Met Your Mother.’

The songstress is set to appear in her first episode on March 1st, where she plays a woman named Tiffany and Ted’s latest love interest. Apparently, her character is suspected of stringing poor Ted a long, so viewers will have to tune in to see how this love story ends. Could Carrie be the ‘mother’ we’ve all been waiting to meet?

Apparently the buck doesn’t stop there. Carrie, who seems to be quite the over achiever (in a good way), is currently filming her first movie. Titled ‘Soul Surfer,’  the Grammy winner is going to start alongside AnnaSophia Robb and the movie takes place in Thailand after the tsunami. 

Carrie Underwood definitely has the ability to wrap Hollywood around her pinky finger in her quest for world domination. But will she find herself with the world at her fingertips, or is this country singer setting herself up for a career bust?

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