Bruce Wills Is Your Valentine

And who doesn’t? According to an IMAX survey, Bruce Willis is the guy men and women would like to spend their Valentine’s Day with.

The survey went something like this: when asked, 68% of adults chose Bruce Willis as their-go if they had a choice between spending Valentine’s Day with Josh Duhamel, Bruce, or Jack O’Connell. Of course, this goes hand in hand with the upcoming “A Good Day To Die Hard” movie, but nonetheless, we can imagine Hugh Grant somewhere furrowing his brow.

However, Josh Duhamel needn’t get too worked up — turns out that 40% of women would actually prefer hanging with Fergie’s husband, while 85% of men would rather “Die Hard.”

Josh Duhamel can be seen in the upcoming, “Safe Haven” while Jack O’Connell is in “Beautiful Creatures.” Bruce, on the other hand, will be playing himself (we assume) in the latest “Die Hard” movie — all coming out on Valentine’s Day.

So be ours, Mr. Willis (I guess?).

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