Britney in Talks to Become an Honorary Gleek

Hit TV show, Glee, tore down the house when they dedicated an entire episode to the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna. All caution (and story lines for that matter) were thrown to the wind as the cast belted out their favorite Madonna songs, from “Like a Virgin,” to “4 Minutes” and everything in between. 

Well, now it seems that the Princess of Pop wants in on the action too. Just hours after the Madonna episode aired, Britney Spears’ people were on Facebook and Twitter, asking fans if they’d like to see an episode from good ol’ Brit Brit. The reaction was sheer insanity. 

It seems that Glee’s people were paying attention and creator of the show, Ryan Murphy, is currently in talks with Britney’s people. “We love Britney, we’re talking to Britney,” Murphy said. “I think you have to be careful on the show not to do too many tribute episodes but she certainly has a huge body of work to pull from and the kids grew up with her so that is a consideration, they love her,” he told USA Today. 

While the kids might be big fans, Mr. Schue didn’t seem too thrilled by the idea. Matthew Morrison apparently told reporters that he hopes the show “doesn’t go a long that route.” However, he soon retracted his words saying he was taken out of context and that he is not against this idea. 

I, for one, would absolutely LOVE to bask in an episode dedicated to Britney. Throw in a little “Opps, I did it Again,” with some “Toxic” and “I’m a Slave For You;” could it get any better than that? The question to ask now, is will Ms. Spears make an appearance? 

Glee definitely has their hands full though. Tonight’s episode features Neil Patrick Harris who plays one of Mr. Schue’s high school rivals, and next week is the big Lady Gaga episode, airing after the American Idol finale. Get your Gleek hats on, because this show is definitely here for the long haul! 

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