Britney Spears Spends Big Bucks on JT

Britney Spears is working on rebuilding some of her old friendships, and that includes her former beau Justin Timberlake. JT is set to marry Jessica Biel in the very near future and Britney reportedly reached out to the couple by buying a $20,000 wedding present — a week-long stay on a private island.

According to sources, Britney’s fiance Jason Trawick has no idea that she bought her ex a wedding present (until now, of course), and would not be happy if he did find out.

“Jason has no idea. Brit’s been reaching out to a lot of old friends and is trying to build bridges, the source said. But Jason doesn’t trust her friends. He thinks she’s still too unstable for a regular life.”

The source added that Britney wanted to show Justin some appreciation for always being there for her, which seems odd since Justin always insists he and Britney don’t have a relationship of any kind.

As unlikely as this story seems, I can’t help but hope that Justin and Britney will become BFF now that they are both in happy, stable relationships and both ready to tie the knot with their significant others. Okay, okay, I am secretly hoping that they will somehow end up back together again. A girl can hope, right?

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