Britney Adds Masseuse to her Resume

In 2009 Britney Spears was able to get her life back together and went on a successful world tour and sold millions of albums. But according the rumor mill, in 2010 Ms. Spears is going to be in training to become a masseuse. It turns out the pop star has always been very interested in herbal medicines and naturopathic therapy and has even taken a course in oils and which ones work on different types of skin.

Now, I highly doubt that Britney is going to be taking massage therapy very seriously, but I do find it refreshing to see that she is taking interest in something outside of the music industry. I’ve always been a big Britney advocate, especially after the head-shaving debacle, so I think a hobby could be a step in the right direction.

Known for her frappuccino addiction, sources are saying that Britney has recently gone through an herbal detox as part of this new hobby of hers. Is a healthier Britney, a happier Britney? I sure hope so! 



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