Britain Invented Luxury Menswear

We North Americans like to credit ourselves with a lot — particularly the mens' uniform of plaid shirts and jeans, which, granted, was probably inspired by the Hudson Bay Company's suppliers upon the company's inception. But as for luxury menswear, according a study conducted by the Victoria and Albert Museum, it began in England.

Commissioned by the British Fashion Council, the study looked at menswear trends, and came to the conclusion that many began across the Atlantic. (Or in their case, on home turf.)

"The study offers a fascinating snapshot into the history and heritage of British menswear that amplifies the extraordinary legacy that we see around us today," said GQ editor Dylan Jones. 

So what are we still seeing today that began many moons ago? Get set for quite the list: bowler hats, bondage trousers, the dandy, floral ties, riding coats, tweed, tartan, and wellington boots (but I mean, obviously). 

"For over 300 years, British menswear has been an inexhaustible source of style and innovation," study author Keren Protheroe added. "Its spectrum of achievement has provided the clothes to dress every sort of gentlemen. This legacy of excellence continues across the globe. Its influence can be seen on city streets, catwalks, and stylish men world over."

But what about Canada? What have we sent into the fashion universe that's held its own? Take it to the comments below.

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