Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Already House-Hunting Together

Blake Lively wasted no time moving on from her summer fling with Leonardo DiCaprio and now she and her current beau, Ryan Reynolds, are already ready to take their relationship to the next level after only a month of dating. The new couple has reportedly started looking for a place of their very own.

Blake and Ryan recently took a trip to Manhattan and decided to check out a 5th avenue penthouse apartment worth more than $4 million.

When they were done, she left the building first, wearing tall boots, jeans, coat and fedora, and got straight into a Town Car, and then Ryan exited into the same car. Her little dog was waiting with the driver in the front seat, an on-looker said.

Of course, we do have to keep a few things in mind before totally jumping to conclusions. Ryan does need to find a new place in the city since he’ll no longer be living with his ex-wife, Scarlett Johansson, and Blake might have just been there to tag along. We also have to keep in mind that Ryan is fresh off a divorce from one of the sultriest actresses around “ it will probably take a while before he is ready to commit again (he is a guy, after all).

Do you think this relationship could last, or are Blake and Ryan just rebounding on each other?

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