Big Brother Canada Week 5 Recap

Five houseguests were evicted so far this season, but one of them has officially snuck their way back in. In a special KFC sponsored endurance challenge that took place outside the Big Brother house, the first five evicted houseguests were brought back for a chance to break into the house, while host Arisa Cox looked on from inside of a giant bucket of fries.

The challenge was simple, each of them had to hang on to a knotted rope in the air and whoever could hang on the longest would walk back into house. It was clear that it was the women who wanted it the most, as the three of them easily outlasted Johnny and Graig, but the real competition was between Naeha and Sindy, who hung on longer than anyone. Although we would have loved to have more time with our favorite cougar Risha, we now can rest assured that her schedule is cleared to go on to star in the Real Housewives franchise somewhere where she truly belongs.  In the end it was Sindy with an ˜S’ who won the competition, taking out the beast that is Slay-ha so that her life could be renewed in the Big Brother Canada house.


Meanwhile, an HOH competition was in play, as the houseguests competed in a classic Before or After trivia challenge. It came down to Zach, Pilar, and Godfrey in the tiebreaker question where they had to guess the amount of minutes it took to complete the Switching Gears competition. Just when it seemed like Pilar was finally going to win something, she struggled to count how many minutes are in 3 hours and guessed 2600 minutes, while Zach correctly guessed 210. But hey “ I’m sure she’s a great cheerleader.

Although it was Zach’s HOH, his closest ally Jordan was feeling comfortable and was quick to talk strategy and come up with a game plan. In order to throw the other houseguests off the trail of their Newport alliance, Jordan decided that Zach should nominate him as a pawn against Godfrey and backdoor a bigger target after the POV competition, to which Zach of course agreed.

After nominations, it was time for beauty queen Sindy to shake up the house by making her grand reentrance. Before joining the other houseguests she was told to enter the vault and cracked a code to win a power guaranteeing her safety for the week. Knowing she was safe, Sindy held back nothing and was ready to use what she had learned from the other evicted houseguests to blow up Zach and the Chop Shop alliance’s game. Although she was quick to hop back into bed with her showmance Jordan, Sindy was just as quick to devise a plan to cut him, knowing that he wasn’t good for her long-term game, and rallied votes against him with Godfrey. She then proceeded to slay us with some solo choreography in the HOH room when no one was around. Is it just me or is the new and improved Sindy with an ˜S’ suddenly the best person in the house?

In the veto competition, the houseguests were dressed in flashy ant outfits and had to make their way through a giant anthill maze to find food items as fast as they could. Zach pulled through as the winner, keeping the power in his own hands, while Jordan stupidly chose to take a nap and throw the competition, relying solely on faith that his buddy Zach would stick to the plan and save him.

Unfortunately for Jordan, it all blew up in his face when he found out that Zach changed his mind and had no intention of saving him. Jordan was brought to tears when he realized that his partner who he thought he had something special with was willing to gamble their relationship. In further drama, Godfrey blew up at Zach in an intense speech, calling out his alliances and declaring war if he stays in the house this week. Oh hi, Godfrey, nice of you to finally show up.

Back to the Sindy with an ˜S’ show, Big Brother called the houseguests to the living room for a special task. Sindy and Bobby were chosen to go into the vault and were met with 2 big red buttons, a 24 hour countdown, and no sign of any further explanation, not unlike an like an episode of LOST. Fearing that if they pushed the button something bad could happen to the house, they waited out the 24 hours and were finally informed by Arisa that if either of them pushed the button, they would win 10 thousand dollars, but that it would come from the winner’s grand prize and that they would have to self evict immediately after taking it. After five more minutes in the vault, Sindy and Bobby couldn’t muster their inner Ika from Season 2, and decided to do nothing.

Because Sindy had spent her birthday locked in a vault, Big Brother decided to celebrate her by allowing her to give the houseguests lessons on how to be a pageant queen. Amongst teaching the houseguests how to blow kisses and walk like a queen, which Godfrey particularly excelled at –yass God, yass, she also gave us some valuable tips about how to sit without showing your vagina. Now we can’t help but wonder, how did we live before without Sindy? If it wasn’t for her we also would have missed out on a beautiful moment where she rounded up the girls to turn the have-not room into a V.I.P. strip club for Sarah, as she, Ashleigh and Brittnee dropped their respective kitties down low to the alarm that constantly triggers in the room. It’s become clear that Sindy may not have been the houseguest that we all wanted back, but she definitely is the houseguest we all needed.

After her birthday, it was time for Sindy to get back to taking over the house. A new alliance was cruising into port called the SSB Submarine, standing for Sindy, Sarah, and Brittnee. After Sindy spilled all her secrets from the sequester house with Sarah, the three girls teamed up and formed a plan to get Jordan out of the house by getting Bruno and Bobby’s votes. Although Bobby took some serious convincing that required Bruno to draw the game out using candy, the plan succeeded and the five of them geared up to blindside Jordan and the other side of the house. After another dramatic speech from Godfrey and an equally dramz one from Jordan, half the house was stunned to learn that Jordan had been evicted in a 5-4 vote, causing Jordan to run out of the house proclaiming I’m an idiot! to Arisa.

The week ended off with the beginnings of a student film festival themed HOH challenge, but you’ll once again have to wait until Sunday to see the full competition air. True Big Brother Canada fans know that you can always creep the 24/7 live feeds at for spoilers and also just to confirm that Willow is still in fact on the show.

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