Big Brother Canada Week 4 Recap

When we last left off, the contestants were trapped inside a giant washing machine in a battle to win Head of Household and fight dirty laundry. Despite having a broken thumb, it was family man Bruno who prevailed and won the HOH along with a five thousand dollar cash prize from Oxiclean. Bruno dethroned Queen Brittnee, which meant the Chop Shop was back on top and the power in the house shifted back into the hands of the dominant alliance.

With Bruno’s BFF Graig having been evicted last week, it was obvious right away that Johnny, Sara, and Brittnee would be on the chopping block, as they had a huge hand in getting Graig out. While Brittnee and Johnny acted fast to come up with a strategy to influence Bruno’s decision, Sara couldn’t even deal and got so f*cking mad. As for where the other houseguests stood, Kevin tried to make a deal with Bruno and distanced himself from the targeted houseguests, while the Newport alliance (Jordan and Zach) continued to ride the middle and lay low. Ultimately, Bruno opted to save Brittnee and put up Sara and Johnny for eviction.

In this week’s showmance roundup, Ashleigh and Pilar took some time to paint their nails and have girl talk about their Big Brother boyfriends Zach and Kevin. Ashleigh and Zach have been getting pretty steamy lately, but Ash worried that she could be getting played and that Zach might not be genuine. Pilar tries to understand, but is seemingly unaware of what show she is on, and is just worried of getting too attached because it could end at any time. Wake up, Pilar! Wake up! At one point Sara joined in on the girl talk but just could not relate to the dopey lover girls and seemed to want to self-evict from the conversation and disappear into a cloud of smoke forever.

Later in the week, a tennis themed Power of Veto competition made a big racquet, as the contestants shot balls out of a gun at pictures of each other’s faces until only one player’s was still standing. Right from the jump, everyone took aim at Johnny to knock him out of the running. This included Johnny’s former cuddle buddy Kevy-Wevy, who publicly cut his ties with Johnny by aiming for him. Johnny could do nothing but look on at Kevin in disbelief while Don’t Speak by No Doubt fluttered through his head in an instant.  After all the balls were launched and all the racquets had fallen, it was Bruno who was left standing and won the POV. At the ceremony, a new Twistos Twist had the potential to wreak havoc on the safe houseguests when Bruno was voted by Canada to have the power to veto both of his nominations. Bruno chose to play it safe and not use the veto, ignoring Canada’s wishes to shake things up, and causing us all to shake our fists at the T.V.

Luckily, Big Brother wasted no time spicing things up again when the houseguests were given a special task to create their own T.V. shows for 5 hours on the live feeds. Some of the shows included a talent show hosted by Zach and a late night show starring Kevin with special guest Justin Bieber, played by Willow. After completing the task, everyone went wild at the after party as hormones raged and a make-out fest ensued yet again. Apparently dressing as Justin Bieber had Willow feeling some type of way too, as she got in on the make out action and planted a steamy kiss on Sara while alone in the pantry.

When it came down to the eviction, there wasn’t much wiggle room for Johnny. Despite a depressing attempt to win back his Kevy-Wevy and a last ditch effort to throw Sara under the bus by spilling her strategy to Zach, Johnny was alone in the house. The houseguests saw him as a greater threat than Sara and he was evicted in in a 9 to 0 vote.

But thanks to KFC’s Big Zesty Dipper Box twist – at least I think that’s what it’s called, there is still hope for Johnny. He’ll be taking the last spot alongside Risha, Sindy, Naeha, and Graig in a competition to get back in the house. There are still few details on what the challenge will be, but we got to catch a glimpse of the first four evicted houseguest’s lives together since being sent off to sequester.  It’s clear that the first three evicted ladies have bonded and feel wronged by the Big Brother hand they were dealt. Each of them seem pumped and gearing up to slay the men who scorned them in the competition. I can only assume next week’s episode will open with Risha, Sindy, and Naeha performing the musical number You Don’t Own Me from First Wives Club. Just like the movie, Naeha has the strength of Bette Midler, Risha the physical magnetism of Goldie Hawn, and Sindy the tenacity of Diane Keaton’s career “ and then there’s Graig. Only one will make it back into the house, but just like this week’s HOH challenge, you’ll have to keep waiting to find out who wins. As always, you can peep the 24/7 live feeds at for clues – ya big creeps!!

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