Behold: Twin Peaks-Inspired Fashion

It's cold, it's kind of weird out there, and it's dark for 36 hours every day. Obviously, the time for Twin Peaks-inspired fashion has come. 

According to Jezebel, Suckers Apparel has released a Twin Peaks collection with names like "Smoking in the Girls' Room" ($179.99) and "Poor Laura" (described as a "fitted hooded dress inspired by the unfortunate demise of Laura Palmer," $189.99) that totally embodies the series' aesthetic.

However, aside from releasing the seven pieces (which include four dresses, and three sets of leggings in "8Bit Lodge," "Who Killed Laura?", and "Log Lady" prints — one actually looks like wood), Suckers has kept fairly quiet about the line.

Instead, they've channeled the energy into creating styles that borrow from the series' girls' room, the lodge, and the Lynch-like vibe of the beloved series. (Cancelled too soon, thank you.) Their descriptions of each are short, but fans of the show will know every reference, understand every colour choice, and likely fight to the diner (I'd say "death" but that's in bad taste with the untimely passing of Laura Palmer and all) for a shot at owning at least something that brings them closer to Twin Peaks (both the town and series).

I just can't believe there isn't a dress completely representative of coffee or pie. In time, you guys. In time.

[image via Pinterest]

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