Arizona Muse will Represent the “Most Important Fragrance”

Fragrances are officially a thing. (Of course, we all realized that after short films began being produced to run alongside a new perfume.) But Estee Lauder is really upping the hype.

According to Estee Lauder global president Jane Hertzmark, the brand is on the brink of releasing their "most important fragrance in a decade."

Called Modern Muse, the ethos of the fragrance is "about reasserting ourselves as a fragrance powerhouse" and is modern, with the "subtlety of contrasting forces . . . a modern muse is a study in contrasts."

"It's about the dynamic of a woman's life," described senior vice president of corporate fragrance development worldwide for Estee Lauder Co., Karyn Khoury. With mandarin, big white flowers, lily, jasmine, and a "textured, layered effect . . . it's a dual-impression creative approach."

As for who's tapped to front this new fragrance? Model Arizona Muse, who will literally live up to her last name in the campaign you can check out here. Weearing a dress covered in bows, they're (plus the blue bow on the bottle) are meant to represent the nine muses of Greek mythology. Apparently, upwards of $50 million has been spent on advertising, so you'll at least get to see it. (Unless you don't go to stores or on the internet.)

And you can get the fragrance yourself in the autumn.



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