Anna Wintour’s New Job

In short, nowhere. But specfically? Up.

NY Mag has jus reported that Anna Wintour has been named the artistic director of Conde Nast — the company that publishes Vogue — while also keeping her role as Vogue EIC, and Teen Vogue editorial director.

Evidently, this new role was created for Anna specifically, and will involve her weighing in on projects across the Conde Nast landscape. CEO Charles Townsend has said the company was willing to “go to great distances to avoid losing Anna, particularly in the prime of her career,” which, as Refinery 29 said, raises the question of whether this means she had been offered something else.

Either way, Anna Wintour is now a major fixture at Conde Nast (as if she wasn’t one before), which makes us wonder what her next role will be. Anna Wintour 2016? 

No, we all know that should go to Hilary, first.

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