Angelina Jolie to Put Acting on the ‘Back Seat’

Angelina Jolie threw fans a bit of a bombshell during a press conference for her latest film, Maleficent. The actress said her acting career will be taking a "back seat" while she focuses on other endeavors. Don't fret though, this wasn't Jolie's retirement announcement. The actress says she is simply going to choose her roles a bit more carefully. 

"It's going to take more of a back seat," Jolie said of her acting career. "I've had a wonderful career… I'm sure there will be a few more films, but I am happy that I am able to be more selective and have fun with roles like this – but I would like to focus more on writing and directing and above all, I would like to focus more on my work with the UN and the PSBI."

The actress added that her starring role in Maleficent was a big hit with her children, who get to experience the character up close and personal. 

"My children love Maleficent's voice, so they always make me do it at home. I think it really brought out the child in me, being part of this film."

As her kids get older, they are starting to watch more and more of their parents' films. Their current favorite is the Jolie and Brad Pitt joint effort, Mr. and Mrs. Smith

"The older ones recently saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith and I think they thought that was the funnest thing they had ever seen," she said. "Watching your parents battle it out as spies is one strange child fantasy."

Maleficent will hit theaters on May 30. 

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