Andre Leon Talley’s New TV Show

Andre Leon Talley is at no loss for personality, so thank goodness an American production company has recognized that.

Vogue UK reports that Electus — owned by NBC chairman Ben Silverman (who produced “Ugly Betty” and “The Office”) — will produce a series hosted by the US Vogue Editor-at-large, while Talley will act as an executive producer.

The project is still cloaked in mystery, but Andre did tell WWD that is “a forum where unique stories will be told and inspirations shared.” Groovy — and the companies involved in the show agree.

“We think a television platform is an idea for Andre’s personality to shine and bring together his amazing network of personal contacts, ranging from designers to musicians to politicians,” said Marc Beckman of DMA United, the company that helped solidify the deal between Talley and Electus. (So needless to say, they’ll probably be more than one guest appearance.)

Here’s to more details being released soon so we have something to keep looking forward to.

[Illustration by Joana Avillez]

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