Amy Adams for Lacoste

Everybody in brand collaborations! Or at least that’s how it feels lately, with so many stars working with so many labels.

But with that in mind, New York Daily News reports that Amy Adams has been recruited as the new face of Lacoste’s Eau de Lacoste fragrance for women, which makes sense considering the actress embodies the brand’s very fresh vibe.

“I’ve always been someone who notices fragrances,” she said. “And I can often recall someone’s scent long after they’ve left the room. It’s incredible how your senses can be so acute that they’re able to trigger an emotion or memory with just the hint of a specific fragrance.”

True, Amy Adams.

But like the majority of all recent fragrance news, Ms. Adams will begin her reign as the Eau de Lacoste queen in spring of next year.

Until then, we wait. And enjoy a few viewings of “Enchanted” while we’re at it — or those episodes of “The Office” where she dated Jim.

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