Alexander Wang Joins Balenciaga

Alexander Wang is rumored to be the next designer to fill the shoes of Nicolas Ghesquiere at Balenciaga. Apparently, Wang could be appointed by next week.

A move like this is said to show Balenciaga’s willingness to move away from couture to more edgier looks, since Wang’s own work has a much more youthful energy. Reports also say the brand might be looking to tap the Chinese market since Wang’s own brand has been making a name for itself in Asia.

However, while Wang seems an odd choice for the fashion house, Balenciaga’s chief executive told AFP that they would not be changing their strategy in the wake of Ghesquiere’s departure.

Nicolas Ghesquiere announced earlier this month that he would be parting ways with Balenciaga after 15 years, without much explanation. His contract ends today.

Do you think Alexander Wang is a good fit for Balenciaga?

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