Alexander Skarsgé¥rd Won the 2016 MTV Movie Awards

The 2016 MTV Movie Awards were on last night and since I felt the subtle pains of nostalgia, I tuned in a bit, recalling my teen years begging my mom to let me watch TV later than I normally would on a Sunday night. I never got to watch until the end. But, one thing I’m glad I didn’t miss: Alexander Skarsgé¥rd coming out in a tuxedo jacket and… his tighty-whities.

alexander skarsgard 2016 mtv movie awards

I’ve been a huge fan of Alexander Skarsgé¥rd from the first moment I saw him play Eric Northman in True Blood (he’s the only vampire I’d ever consider sleeping with–Twilight can suck it) and all of the half-naked 18-pack promos for his upcoming flick, The Legend of Tarzan, has just furthered my lust for this sexy tall blonde man. And let’s just say his legs sealed the deal.

I digress. Alexander Skarsgé¥rd came on stage to present the award for Best Movie of the Year (which went to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, FYI) in a pantless fashion, but still looked so damn suave in the process. He was joined with Tarzan costar Samuel L. Jackson (who was fully clothed) who pointed out the fact that he may have forgotten his pants and Skarsgaé¥rd gave the best response:

Me Tarzan, you gotta give the fans a little bit of skin. I was going to go shirtless but then I heard Zac Efron did that a few years ago.

Dare to be different, Alex. We totally dig it. By all means, please don’t ever put pants on again.

Now, let’s all rejoice in Alexander Skarsgaé¥rd’s slamming body, shall we?

giphy (2)

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giphy (4)

giphy (5)






Alright, everyone. Back to work.

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