Alexa Chung For L’Oreal Professionel

Alexa Chung is everywhere — and rightfully so: she’s an anchor on Fuse, and she’s gearing up to release her first book within the next year. But she’s about to get busier yet.

The British personality has just landed herself as the newest face of L’Oreal Professionel INOA Colour, which is launching new colours this fall.

Refinery 29 reports that the brand’s INOA Mocha is the colour closest to Alexa’s shade, and that this is one of the larger campaigns she’s ever booked. 

Sadly, Ms. Chung does NOT get to say “because I’m worth it” since that’s the slogan of L’Oreal Paris — which this is not — though she revealed they “dyed [her] hair a nice colour [last] weekend, so all is forgiven.”

Looks like everything’s coming up Alexa in 2013.

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