Is 3D Printing the Future of Fashion?

The future of fashion might be held in the hands of your local printer. Dita Von Teese donned the world’s first printed dress last week while at an event at the Ace Hotel in New York City.

Teese took to her Twitter page to share the news and a picture of her dress.

History tonight @acehotel NYC: 1st ever #3D dress by @MSchmidtStudio w/ @francisbitonti & @Shapeways, she wrote, attaching a picture of the dress.

The dress was designed by Michael Schmidt, who turned to Shapeways to use 3D rendering technology to print the dress using nylon. Schmidt then added a coat of glossy black paint and 12,000 Swarovski crystals. The result was a futuristic curve-hugging long, almost mesh-like gown with puffed shoulder sleeves.

It’s definitely a pretty cool concept but it might take a bit more convincing from the masses. Would you wear a 3D printed dress?

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