10 F*cked Up Things That Happened on The Bachelor: Season 20, Episode 7

The recaps don’t stop just because there was a holiday and the Grammys were on”we still caught it all.

1. The remaining six ladies met Ben in Warsaw, Indiana to get a feel for his hometown and meet his parents. After telling each of the girls a bit about his hometown, he pulled Lauren away for a one-on-one date, leaving the remaining five to stew.

2. When Ben took her out for the date, he said whenever I go on a date in my hometown, I take her out and show her all the places, which basically means that he’s just recycling all his date moves and lines, including the one I want to kiss you right now but don’t know how, which he used in the seventh grade.


3. JoJo went on the second one-on-one date at Wrigley Field where they laid in the middle of the field as a thunderstorm approached because nothing says I love you like let’s get electrocuted together because if I can’t have you, no one can.

4. They talked about their feelings and how they’re scared and Ben presumptuously implied that JoJo would be a Mrs. Higgins instead of giving her the option to keep/hyphenate her last name like a real gentleman and then JoJo said she’s team Ben. It was weird, but we genuinely think they’re falling in love.

5. Caila, Amanda and Becca went on a group date (leaving Emily with the last solo date of the episode) with one rose on the line”an important one considering it would mean at least one person is guaranteed a hometown date. Then Ben dropped the bomb that the rose would also mean extra solo time while the other two rejects ladies go back to the hotel.

6. The girls uttered lines like I’d be more excited if this were a one-on-one and I’m over group dates in a way that sounded like they were surprised they would actually have to go on some throughout this whole process.


7. Becca continued this trend of complaining (really, girl, we expected more from you) by spending her alone time on the group date getting upset and telling Ben that if she doesn’t get a rose, she’ll be really considering what she’s doing there. Word of advice: maybe also reconsider how you’re meeting men.

8. Ben gave Amanda the rose because he wanted “to show her that he’s ready to meet her family,” unlike the others because he obviously dgaf about them. On the Ben and Amanda portion of the date, he took her to McDonald’s and they shared a fry and it was so gross and cute.


9. On his date with Emily, Ben took her home… like home home. Like to meet his parents. The poor 23-year-old prattled on and on to Ben’s mom while his parents decided she was too young for him and just not ready for marriage (describing that she likes watching movies all day and dislikes vegetables might have sealed the deal). Poor little lamb was so blindsided Ben sent her home.

10. Before the rose ceremony, Ben left the remaining five ladies out in the cold waiting while he reconsidered his options. After giving another “heartfelt” speech about family and how important this decision is, he sent Becca home without the promise of a hometown date. (Sorry, Becca, we liked you, but after two-for-two, maybe try online dating instead? We hear Tinder is pretty popular.)

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