10 F*cked Up Things That Happened on The Bachelor: Season 20, Episode 4

Well, we’re at week four and getting much better acquainted with some of the ladies (full disclosure: when some names are called”like Rachel and Jennifer”I have no clue who they are)… some a little too much.

1. The girls headed to Vegas (not the fucked up part)”Vegas is evidently the marriage capital of the world (terrifying).

2. JoJo got a solo date and when the chopper came to pick them up, it knocked everything off of a table, so, naturally, it gave JoJo and Ben an opportunity to steal a smooch”and for the other girls (including jealous Olivia) to spy. Their date was basically amazing and ended with fireworks (real ones) and Olivia yammered on about feeling like she was getting cheated on.

3. The (professional) twins took a power walk on the treadmill¦ together.

corgi treadmill

4. Amanda, Caila, Jubilee, Amber, Haley, Emily, Leah, Lauren H., Jennifer, Rachel, Lauren B. and Olivia all went on a group date where they had to each show off their talents in front of 1200 people. Olivia’s secret talent was”wait for it”a striptease/burlesque-ish dance (guess we now know that she was a naked news girl). And then after that, she had a panic attack.

5. Ben referred to Caila as a sex panther after she made a move in an attempt to stand out (but not in a loud or obnoxious way) by basically jumping on Ben. And now I need to cut my ears off.

6. We discovered that Lauren H. is a weird kisser and holds her hair while smooching Ben (to cover their faces and make it all mysterious-like? Gurl, you’re on a reality show that’s main premise is kissing). Oh, and she kissed a puppet named Little Ben.

7. Olivia once again monopolized the attention and energy, stealing a second moment away from Ben after creeping up on him, because she was worried she didn’t get a kiss the first time around (hai there new Lace), which she eventually got because #stalker and Ben was likely fearing for his life.


8. Becca, who got chosen for the one-on-one, received a giant box with a big white dress¦ in Vegas¦ the marriage capital of the world¦ Except instead of marrying each other (because he wanted to take her v-card that bad?), Ben got ordained and the two got to marry other people. Because Vegas is the marriage capital of the world. But then Becca got real about her choice to stay a virgin, explaining that it’s really difficult when you’re actually attracted to someone (duh).

9. Just when we thought all the dates were done for the episode, Ben took both Haley and Emily (who are in it to twin it) on a two-on-one date because what guy can pass up twins? And then he let Haley go (or rather, stay at home with her mom and dog), because most guys can barely handle one girl, let alone two.

olsen twins

10. Jennifer (who?) had zero time with Ben, so she took charge and asked for some, and that lasted all of 30 seconds until Olivia interrupted… again. Competition was steep and everyone was looking for some time with Bachelor Ben, but, only Amanda, Lauren H., Jubilee, Emily, Caila, Jennifer, Leah and Olivia (plus Becca, JoJo and Lauren B. from the dates) made the impressions they needed to stick around for another week.

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