10 F*cked Up Things That Happened on The Bachelor: Season 20, Episode 3

We’re at week three, and slowly but surely the numbers are dwindling down. But, that also means tensions are running high and we’re getting into some seriously dramatic territory. Here are some of those fucked up, super-dramatic highlights of the night.

1. It was revealed that Olivia allegedly spent over $40k on clothes before coming on the show (excuse me?!).

2. As Ben was taking Lauren B. on their solo date, Caila said potentially the creepiest thing of life that was something to the effect of what gets [her] by is catching glimpses of him¦ while he’s taking other girls on dates. Also, Ben took Lauren B. (the flight attendant) on a plane. I mean, it was a cool stunt plane, but still a plane. And, because it’s not The Bachelor without some damsel in distress act, Lauren B. was so scared to do the stunts, but wasn’t the least bit creeped out by the hot tub in the middle of nowhere.

3. It JUST hit Caila that there are other girls in the house and that Ben could fall in love with someone other than her. And, naturally, with that attitude, she got left behind on the group date, along with Amanda, Haley, Jennifer, Shushanna, Leah, Amber, Lauren H., Olivia, Jami, Rachel, Lace and Emily.

4. In a shocking turn of events, Ben took Lauren B. into another room after dinner (and after he granted her a rose) where a band was giving them a private show so that they could dance and kiss awkwardly for us all.

5. Ben made all the girls play soccer (haven’t we seen this date before?) with some real ass-kicking female soccer players, poor Rachel got hurt and Emily (one of the twins) took some balls to the face and neither of them got to go on the second cocktail party of the date (number one reason why you get dinner first).

clueless amber

6. After her group won the soccer game, Olivia immediately stole Ben away (that’s not the fucked up thing”we’ve just come to expect this), but the girls started making fun of Olivia’s¦ toes. Meanwhile, Amber was snuggling up to and kissing Ben and even got herself the group date rose, putting Olivia (and her bad toes, calves and cankles”her words, not mine”up for the rose ceremony for the first time).


7. When the next solo date card came for Jubilee, she danced and squealed around the living room, even though both Becca and JoJo were also hoping for the date. (Nice.) THEN when Ben came to pick Jubilee up in a helicopter, she carded him for being 20 minutes late and then asked if anyone else wanted her date because she’s scared of heights. BUT while everyone was talking shit about her back at the mansion, Jubilee confided in Ben, telling him that her whole family died back in Haiti (like, her whole family) and that she was adopted and overcoming that is what made her who she is. Props, girl. Seriously. And, of course, Ben gave her a rose. No question.

8. At the cocktail party, Ben revealed that two close family friends passed away, and when he sat down with Olivia, she talked about her cankles. Jubilee spent some time with Ben, Amber tried to have a conversation with Jubilee about her time with Ben, so Jubilee went to the bathroom for some alone time, Ben found her, consoled her and Amber came in and tried to explain why everyone is mad at Jubilee. AND THEN BEN DEFENDED HER AND ALL WAS GOOD.


9. And then Lace happened. And actually made a real grownup decision by sending herself home instead of forcing a connection (but then she quoted her own tattoo and the eye-rolling continued).

10. After hearing every other girl’s name called (Lauren H., Amanda, Becca, Haley, Emily, Rachel, Caila, JoJo, Jennifer and Leah), Ben finally handed out a rose to Olivia, saving the best for last (according to her).

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