Transform your man’s hands

Are his rough hands too rugged to wrap around you?

Here’s how to get them groomed without making them any less manly.


Prep his skin by soaking his hands in a bowl of water. Add a musky essential oil such as Cedarwood that will remind him of the great outdoors and assure him that a manicure can actually be manly (it will also help the soften the skin and cuticles).



Choose an exfoliant that is strong enough to soften his thick skin and smooth out the rough edges. Apply it all over his hands and then rinse.



If his hands are in need of a complete renewal, apply a moisturizing mask. Make it an enjoyable experience by heating it up in the microwave. After applying the mask, wrap hot towels around his hands and wait for 10 minutes (or until his patience starts to wear out). Remove the towels and rinse his hands in lukewarm water to remove the remainder of the mask.


Cuticle Work

This is a commonly neglected area on a man’s hands so they’ll need to be especially soft before you push them back. Apply a cuticle oil or cream on each nail bed, and let it sit and soften for a few minutes. Once it has soaked in, gently push back his cuticles with a wooden stick. Don’t trim or cut the cuticles because it could cause an infection if you cut them in the wrong place or cut too much.


Moisturize and Massage

If he’s reluctant to groom”this can be a great bargaining tool. There are not many men who will turn down a relaxing massage. Hands are a neglected area, and this is one way to give them the TLC they deserve. Use an unscented moisturizer (so he doesn’t get scared away by strong scents) and massage his fingers, palms and forearms, making sure to pay special attention to especially dry or cracked areas.

Need a great way to complete his manly manicure?  Seal it with a kiss! The positive reinforcement will be enough to convince him to start a solo nailcare routine.   

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