Fragrance Of The Month: AllSaints Sunset Riot EDP

For three days in a row, I’ve spritzed on AllSaints new eau de parfum Sunset Riot and I don’t see myself putting the bottle down any time soon.

With their seemingly all-black collections, penchant for motorcycle wear and timeless, edgy appeal, AllSaints resonates cool-girl style. You know, the kind you covet when you stare into your closet wishing that one piece of clothing, like a biker jacket, a silky flowing dress or the perfect pair of chunky lace-up boots will magically appear. I blame my wanting on Kate Moss and her street-chic vibe, circa the ’90s. She was, in my opinion, the embodiment of what AllSaints was when it launched in London in 1996 and what it continues to evolve into being 24 years later. My good-girl aesthetic craves it.

So when the British brand recently launched Sunset Riot as part of their premier fragrance collection of five gender-free scents, complete with Metal Wave, Incense City, Floral Mortis and Leather Skies (the latter two are not yet available in Canada), I was all in.

Sunset Riot’s warm sunshine notes of amber, orange blossom and pink pepper are a natural fit for me, but it was the eau’s sliver of steely defiance courtesy of dry, almost bitter cedarwood that pulled me in. The juxtaposition of pretty with intrigue is welcoming and sensual. It wafts off my skin easily and with a hint of what I can only describe as gritty, saucy swag. The kind, you know, you feel when you peer into your closet and find exactly what you’re looking for.

AllSaints Sunset Riot, Metal Wave and Incense City, $99 each, available at AllSaints and Hudson’s Bay stores across Canada.

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