Katie Holmes is Jackie O

Sometimes, bad decisions are made, and in the case of The History Channel’s decision to cast Katie Holmes as the esteemed Jackie O in their upcoming miniseries, The Kennedys, is one of those times. 

Well Ms. Holmes is undoubtedly lovely, talented (well, she was great as Joey from Dawson’s Creek), to play such an integral historical figure is simply asking for disaster “ especially as her latest acting gigs (has she been acting lately?) have not exactly been Oscar-worthy.

Fellow cast mates include Greg Kinnear as John F. Kennedy (really?), Barry Pepper as Bobby Kennedy and Tom Wilkinson as Joe Sr.  (Why does it seem like this potentially awesome series may be one of the most boring projects to date?)

Albeit Mr. Kinnear is quite fantastic (and charming), to cast Katie Holmes as the Jackie O is clearly a misinformed step in the wrong direction.  I mean, there’s clearly the chance that this could be her comeback role, but as her personal life seems to loom over each and every project, to deem The Kennedys as 2010’s Batman Returns equivalent (because let’s face it “ she was good in that) may be a bit of a stretch.

Let’s hope that we’re all wrong, and the series is The History Channel’s Grey Gardens.

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