Product Of The Week: Sebastian Professional Twisted Styling Foam

What is it about the cooler temperature that makes me want to wear a hat? To be clear, a hat, like a fedora or a bowler, not a toque. I don’t actually have a hat, but I would welcome one into my wardrobe. I just haven’t found the right one, that looks cute on and also doesn’t give me flat hat-head hair. I’m open to suggestions though, so if you’ve got one please bring it because I’ve got Sebastian Professional Twisted Styling Foam and it has been keeping my natural texture (more of a kink than a curl) looking solid…even under the head scarf I wear to work on cold days.

Otherwise known as a mousse, this foamy product is super easy to scrunch into my wet hair, especially on days when I’ve hit snooze so many times I can’t afford the time/luxury of blow drying. And even though my hair isn’t curly per say, and I wish it was, it definitely defines each twisted strand so much better than if I were to just leave the house with it wet. As someone who loathes sticky hands even for just a couple of seconds, this styling product is manageable and doesn’t give me the shudders as I’m working it in. It dries well too, no crunchy after effects thankfully.

As a beauty editor I know enough to work the mousse in from the tips of my hair upwards so as not to overload my roots with product. But if I were to be totally professional about it (although let’s face it, that’s never going to happen), I would comb my hair and part it first, then shake and squeeze a pouf of the product into my hands before emulsifying it and applying it to my hair. Next, I would attach the diffuser to my blow dryer and hanging my head upside down squeeze the product into my strands from the tips upwards. But like I said, I’m lazy, so this baby goes in when my hair is wet, air dries as I sprint to work (with and without the said head scarf), and then just sits there bouncing on my shoulder until the day is done. Beautiful curls may not be mine, but now I can at least boast, body-full, toss-worthy, frizz-free kinky long strands.

Sebastian Professional Twisted Styling Foam, $19.95, available online at

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