Three Life-Changing In-Spa Facials You Need To Try Now

Sure, in certain lighting (candle lit) and at specific times of the day (pre-dawn, dusk and evening), your skin looks amazing. Superb even. Smooth and even toned, tight and line free and that’s without a drop or two of Marc Jacob’s Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter or a layer of Estée Lauder’s DayWear BB Anti-Oxidant Beauty Benefit Crème. And yet, for the remaining eight or nine hours you’re awake however, your complexion feels a little, well, meh. But it doesn’t have to, all you need is the right facial and no, we’re not referring to Mia Kunis’ US$8,900 HD Diamond and Ruby Peel or J.Lo’s US$1,200/week Placenta Facial. According to the pros at Visage Clinic in Toronto, there’s a revitalizing, hydrating and balancing treatment for everyone’s specific needs. All you have to do is find the right one, stay calm and glow on.

Chemical Peel
Why: To revitalize tired and dull-looking skin. The top, external layer of your skin (a.k.a: your epidermis), takes the biggest hit courtesy of stress, pollution, dirt and grime, sunshine and so much more.Yet just below the surface is where your dermis’ younger and fresher looking skin cells live.
The end results: “A chemical peel will strip away wrinkled, sun-damaged outer layers to reveal the smooth, healthy skin beneath,” says the Visage team. “It sounds gross, but the results are amazing! Because everyone has unique skincare needs, the chemical peel mixture is customized to improve conditions such as, discolouration and irregular pigmentation, rough patches, wrinkles and fine lines and scars.”

Why: To hydrate dry, sensitive and damaged skin. The OxyGeneo facial is best known for it’s exfoliation and oxygenation, while infusing your skin with essential revitalizing nutrients that will leave you glowing.
The end results: “It’s the perfect treatment for special events or anytime you want your skin to look its absolute best,” advises the Visage team. “This three-in-one facial treatment reduces the appearance of dryness, dull looking skin, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, mild laxity and hyperpigmentation.”

Biologique Recherche
Why: To balance and even your skin tone and texture. Famous for their clinical approach to beauty,Biologique Recherche uses pure, concentrated ingredients paired with innovative and meticulous procedures. “The facial is based on a three-step process where skin experts assess your ‘skin instant,’ initialize the treatment and execute the treatment based on your specific skin needs,” says the Visage team. “Skin instant refers to your current skin condition, which changes several times a day.”
The end result: A smooth, clear and calm complexion. Trained to analyze your external factors, like climate and internal factors, such as stress and how it all evolves for your skin type, the aestheticians will advise on the balancing treatment that is best suited for you.

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