The Under $5 Face Mask Every Woman Should Have In Her Medicine Cabinet

Dryness, your days are numbered…

It didn’t take long for sheet masks to become the beauty essential of 2018. From celebrities to beauty bloggers, everyone has been snapping photos of themselves sporting these spooky, gooey masks.

Why? Because in your battle for healthy looking skin, dryness is the enemy, and with it comes all its hateful friends: premature aging, fine lines, dullness, redness and irritation. This is why the Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb sheet mask is your new secret weapon.

Quick sidebar for those new to sheet masks: unlike a standard mask that you slather on, let sit and then wash off, sheet masks don’t let any of their goodness go down the drain. Delicate, cloth-like tissues that are drenched in face-quenching ingredients, sheet masks allow you to rub the remaining serum into your skin when you’re done, ensuring optimal hydration.

What’s so great about them?

Each of the Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb sheet masks pack half a bottle of serum specifically engineered to recharge the superficial layers of the epidermis with hydration for 24 hours of won’t-quit-you (even in a Canadian winter) moisture.

So what’s under the hood? Hyaluronic acid is your moisture superhero, and an ingredient in the sheet masks. Our skin cells produce it naturally to keep skin moisturized, but daily attacks from UV rays, pollution and temperature changes can weaken and dehydrate the skin.

The masks also come in six formulas for your different skin needs, so they’re great to have on-hand for whatever the elements are throwing your way that day.

If you’re a night owl (or just went a little too hard on the weekend), try the anti-fatigue mask that’s packed with lavender essential oils to pump brightness back into your skin and reduce the look of fatigue. For dry winter skin in need of a little TLC, try the classic extra-hydrating pomegranate mask; if you’re experiencing redness or discomfort due to dryness, chamomile is a great choice as well. The charcoal and algae mask balances out combination skin and purifies pores, while the glow-boosting mask is enhanced with sakura flower and gives your skin that sought-after radiance. And finally, the green tea mask packs a mattifying punch to help minimize pores. We know — choices, choices.

How and where to use them

Another Moisture Bomb bonus is that they’re super user-friendly. They have a blue plastic film that sticks to the mask to help you put it on. Once the mask is in place, you just peel the blue part off and smooth it down to cocoon the face and keep any serum from escaping. All the scents are light and natural, so they won’t distract you while you go about your usual routine. Let the mask soak in for 15 minutes and then when you’re done, remove it and rub in all the excess serum into your face and neck to maximize the hydration.

In journalism, this is what we call burying the lead: a lot of people are going to love the Moisture Bombs because of their wicked price point. The masks are $3.99, which means you can afford to use them —and use them often.They’re something you could pop on any time (or anywhere) you’ve got a few minutes, including reading, doing laundry, making dinner, girls’ night and even on an airplane, if you’re bold.

But don’t just listen to us — try them yourself (we recommend the night before a big event). It’s a low-risk investment and you can pick one up from your local drug store or find them online here.

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