Product Of The Week: OPI Neo-Pearl Nail Lacquer In ‘Two Pearls in a Pod’

If you’re anything like me, you get a pedicure even when your toes are trapped in socks and boots. So the only time I ever actually see my natural nails, is at the salon during the short window of time right after the nail tech removes my polish before she applies a new shade. And my new favourite hue to swipe on is OPINeo-Pearl Nail Lacquer in “Two Pearls in a Pod.”

The sheer greyish green shade shimmers when I turn my feet in the light. It reminds me of the inside of an oyster shell, you know, in the center where the smooth sheens of grey, silver, blue and green colours swirl together. It’s my favourite colour in the brand’s limited edition Neo-Pearl collection that also includes five more polishes in “Did You See Those Mussels?” pearly blue, “Just a Hint of Pearl-le” vintage violet, “Pretty in Pearl” classic nude, “Shellabrate Good Times!” classic ivory and “Shellmates Forever!” pearlescent pink.

Plus, I can add a layer to my fingernails too. I’m hold and cold with manicures, but this hue is so versatile I can see myself wearing it on my toe and fingernails all spring long. I think it will look especially good on girls’ night, when my squad and I head to our favourite oyster bar.

OPI Neo-Pearl Nail Lacquer in “Two Pearls in a Pod,” from $10.50 per bottle, available online at




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