The Coolest New Innovations In High-Tech Beauty

There’s never been a better time to be a beauty lover. Between the wide array of product innovations launching every week, to the amazing sources of inspiration at your fingertips via YouTube, Tik Tok and Instagram tutorials, over the last few years, the world really has become your (beauty) oyster.

And some of the most noteworthy launches are those that actually borrow from other industries (like aerospace and nuclear industries) to bring consumers products that are so technologically advanced and sophisticated, they are revolutionizing the way we use and interact with beauty products on a daily basis.

Below are some of the most impressive new high-tech beauty launches.

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener
Dyson entered the haircare world with a bang. The launch of the lifestyle brand’s first hair product in 2016, the Supersonic (a lightweight hair dryer made with a digital motor for faster drying without the use of high, damaging heat), marked a shift in the category—one that signalled a long-awaited need for massive innovation in hair styling. Next came the Dyson Airwrap in 2018, a styling tool that borrowed its technology from the aerospace industry, ensuring a seamless blowout or curl every single time, without (again) the use of high heat. The coolest part? It was literally impossible to get your hair tangled, thanks to a high velocity jet of air meeting a curved surface (the styling tool), creating a vortex that allows hair to wrap itself (!) around the wand.

Now, two years after that launch, Dyson has released the Corrale, a hair straightener that features flexing plates that “shape to gather hair,” dismissing the need to go over the same strand of hair again and again, like you often have to do with other flat irons. Instead, with the Corrale, the copper plates are designed to have flexibility, so that an even amount of heat and pressure can be applied during every pass, as your hairs stay in place thanks to the Corrale’s firm, reliable grip. And like Dyson’s other hair products, the Corrale features the brand’s Intelligent Heat Control, making it possible to get the results you want by using lower temperatures than usual.

Protocol Skincare
When it comes to skincare ingredients that are widely researched and clinically proven to work, two stand out as the gold standards when it comes to anti-aging and skin-brightening benefits. Those hero ingredients are vitamin C and retinol. (You may have heard of them?)

But for every backed-by-a-clinical-study claim about their efficacy and recommended use, there are some major downsides, like oxidation, irritation and instability. It’s so widely known and accepted that retinol causes sensitivity issues and vitamin C becomes oxidized and thus less effective every time it’s exposed to light and oxygen, that we had accepted these issues as inevitabilities. C’est la vie, right?

Maybe not. Los Angeles-based skincare brand, Protocol, has set out to break down some of the barriers around retinol and vitamin C. Looking to use some of the most effective forms of each ingredient, plus innovative delivery methods, the brand settled on oxidated retinol, due to its efficacy, and L-ascorbic acid, widely used by skincare brands as the preferred form of vitamin C. To address both ingredients’ infamous instability, Protocol created a “proprietary airless and UV-proof bottle [that] is built to protect the most delicate skincare ingredients on earth.” The serums are packaged in permanently oxygen-free and UV-free bottles, thanks to a collaboration with an engineering firm whose work is normally within the nuclear industry. The serums are clinically tested and are designed and guaranteed to be effective for 60 days. The future is here.

Clartici ICI Set
Featuring a serum, moisturizer and handheld facial scanning device that measures your skin’s hydration levels and connects to an app via Bluetooth, this California-based brand’s device is built with two sensors that are able to track your exact level of hydration, oils, oxygen, melanin, and redness—all you have to do is hold the device up to your face. Once it’s finished scanning, you can check the app for the exact amount of serum and moisturizer you need to use that day. Clartici considers itself an “IT-based” company that is able to tap the agile, adaptable aspects of the IT industry and apply them to skincare.

Working off of the idea that skincare products shouldn’t only take skin type into consideration, but also skin’s condition each morning (it changes every day, after all), which is where the scanning device comes into play. Clartici’s goal is to help consumers better understand and analyze their skin and its unique condition. Now that’s customizable skincare.

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