Thinning Hair Remedies

It’s normal for most people to lose about 100 hairs per day as part of the body’s natural shedding process and daily trauma, but when women experience hair loss, it often manifests as thinning at the crown of the head.

While hair loss is a reality of aging, when it’s premature or excessive it can be a scary experience. Remember to consult a doctor to rule out any health-related reasons that could be causing your hair to thin”in these cases, a hair transplant might be an option.

But there are a few ways you can address a more temporary problem and cover up patchy spots as well. 

Ditch stress

Anxiety, sleep deprivation and a heavy workload are all causes of stress”one of the most common factors in health problems, including hair loss. The more common type of hair loss involves the halting of hair growth and follicles lying dormant, only to fall out two to three months later.

Hair grows back within six to nine months. Another type of stress-related hair loss is alopecia, which involves white blood cells attacking the hair follicles. Hair might grow back by itself, but help from a specialist might be required. 

Product check

A healthy scalp is the best precursor to healthy hair. Visit your salon and ask your stylist to recommend special scalp-targeting products”your usual shampoo and conditioner might be causing excessive build-up on your scalp or drying it out. If you are addicted to hairspray and experiencing a sparse crown, then it’s best to take a look at your styling arsenal and ditch the alcohol-heavy products. Used too often, stylers build up on strands, weigh hair down, dry out locks and weaken the structure. This causes breaking, splitting and hair loss. 

Add more hair

If you are addressing the problem but looking for a temporary remedy to add volume to your thinning hair, extensions might be a good solution. It is important to consult a professional before adding either synthetic, store-bought clip-in hair pieces or more permanent, long-lasting human hair extensions, as their weight can add to the problem of thinning hair. Extensions can be used to add volume in certain places, hide a completely thinned out section, or serve as a safe way to add colour or highlights in order to prevent colouring already sensitive strands.

Are you affected by thinning hair? Let us know your tips in the comments

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