A-Listers For (Red)

Just when you thought the occasional multiple-person Vanity Fair covers were memorable and exciting, Vogue Paris took fierce to a whole new level, featuring Meryl Streep, Gwenyth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Julianne Moore and Naomi Watts on three various covers “ all thanks to Ms. Penelope Cruz, who guest edited for one very special issue. (Um, amazing.)

And like the women of substance they are, each appeared donning t-shirts for the (Red) campaign, looking casual (but super beautiful), in all of their Academy award/nominated glory. (See, kids? You can have style, substance and everything in between.)

Because of her guest-editing stint, Penelope appears on each cover “ once as a group shot, another alongside the wonderful Meryl Streep and the last beside (Red) advocator supreme, Bono. Is there any way to arrange for A-list actors guest edit Vogue on a regular basis? (Or at least guest for the American Vogue at some point? Yes?)

Regardless, it’s wonderful to see that each actor “ despite their busy schedules and personal lives “ took time to stand up for something so meaningful and relevant. (And I’m not just referring to appearing on the cover of Vogue Paris.) Here’s hoping the up-and-coming generation can continue following their path

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