Product Of The Week: Dove Advanced Care Hand Wash

We may feel perennially 27, but our hands give our real age away with every wave, handshake and gesture. And we’re not talking about the rough touch-factor here, although it doesn’t help. No, our hands’ skin’s diminishing elasticity, thanks to biology’s gradual loss of collagen and elastin in the skin, is the culprit. Making our hand wrinkles (sigh), all the more pronounced courtesy of DNA and daily wear and tear, like sun exposure, hand washing, hot showers and more.

While you couldn’t pay us to time travel back to and live in the early 1900s, we’re intrigued by the era’s 24/7 loyalty to the glove. It clearly, quite literally, saved both women’s skin and their egos. It doesn’t vibe with our summer’s uni of silky halter tops, dip-dyed skirts and wedge sandals though, so we’re investing in Dove’s new Advanced Care Hand Wash instead.

Fueled with a moisture boost 5x complex of proprietary blends and skin-natural ingredients, it’s our soft solution for hydrated and youthful-looking and feeling skin from our cuticles and knuckles (even the weird large one on our pinky finger) to our hands and palms. The big brand’s Advanced Care formula is said to nourish skin 10 layers deep and, despite the dirt and grime each wash eliminates, we have seen a noticeably silkier difference. Maybe it’s because the derm-recommended wash is vegan and sulfate and paraben-free. One thing is for certain though, the trio of washes, “Sensitive Skin,” Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla” or our preferred “Deep Moisture,” are helping us get back on the forever-27 track and that is so worth lathering up for.

Dove Advanced Care Hand Wash in “Deep Moisture,” “Sensitive Skin” and “Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla,” $7.49 each for 355 ml, available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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