5 Quick & Inexpensive Beauty Pick-Me-Ups

Everyone has his or her preferred pick-me-up. Some swear by a cappuccino in the morning, others a cocktail in the evening. In the case of Carrie Bradshaw, $500 designer shoes were in order.

Unlike our friend Carrie, we don’t have fake TV money to play with. In reality an upper needs to be affordable and accessible. The best place to find this? The beauty department at your local drugstore.

After some discussion, we’ve finalized our favourite finds. Each have their own unique elevating qualities that are sure to prettify and please.

Nail Polish

Just like painting a picture, painting your nails is a smart way to calm the mind, exercise creativity and reduce stress. Don’t examine the polish aisle too thoroughly. We often overthink the decision of hue. Colour experts will suggest light for spring and dark for fall, but we don’t recommend following those rules. Just keep your wardrobe and any future occasions in mind. If you’re worried about chipping, try nude as it will camouflage damage better.

Revitalizing Face Mask

This purifying piece can cost as little as a couple dollars and work as well as a professional spa. Thanks to innovations in skin care, there is such an outstanding array of styles, capable of anything from resolving dark circles to brightening complexion. More recently, beauty buffs have been praising Korean sheet masks: a thin paper towel-like material soaked in skin-enriching ingredients. It’s an easy (and pretty fun) way to treat yourself on a mediocre Monday. But if you don’t like the feel or all the random ingredients in this acclaimed technique, natural, clay-based kinds still do the trick.

Lip Gloss

This little accent never fails to make you feel glamorous. For $5 dollars you can get a gentle balm that will hydrate and highlight throughout the seasons. With such a low cost for a lip lift, feel free to go bold or basic in your colour choice. Polish up when you’re on the way to the office, out for dinner or even in the home.

Hair Oil

Sometimes all it takes to feel re-energized is a hair boost. The quickest way to achieve this is to try hair oil. Effortlessly apply into your locks, focusing more on the ends. Rich ingredients rapidly smooth and soften hair. For the DIY girls, olive oil works too.

Gel Cooling Mask

Perfect for Sunday afternoons, a gel mask instantly reduces puffiness and redness from a long weekend. Leave this package in the fridge, so you don’t need to wait 20 minutes for it to cool when you desperately need it. More than just refreshing the skin, it relaxes the face. The result is a much chiller you.

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