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Product Of The Week: Glee The Body Hair Removal Cream

We don’t usually feel joyful about removing the hair on our bikini line, but test-driving Glee the Body Hair Removal Cream is actually putting a smile on our face. Weird, maybe, and definitely unexpected, but absolutely relevant. Let’s explain.

Reason number one: there’s literally no pain.

Reason number two: the entire process takes less than seven minutes and all we have to do is follow four simple steps. 1.) wash the area with soap and water and towel dry. 2.) squeeze a little of the cream out of the tube and spread a thin layer over top of all the hairs we want to banish. 3.) press play on our favourite Playlist, listen to three songs for no more than a total of seven minutes. And last but not least, 4.) wipe everything off of our skin (cream and hair) using the product’s handy-dandy hair removal spatula. Heck, sometimes we just stand in the shower afterwards for additional clean up.

Reason number three: it’s not gross.
Reason number four: the cream smells nice, like honey dew melon.
Reason number five: our bare skin is smooth and soft and stays hair-free for about six weeks…sometimes longer.

Glee The Body Hair Removal Cream, $11.99, available online at www.walmart.ca.

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