How to Look Healthy

    Maybe the winter months have left your hair looking grey and lifeless. Or perhaps it’s those long nights at the office (or out on the dance floor) — they don’t do your skin any favours. 

    No matter what the cause, you know you could look healthier than you do. While getting a good night’s rest and staying hydrated with pure water are essential, there are a few other tricks you can use to get your glow back. 

    Read on for the lowdown:



    Exfoliating Mask – This is a perfect way to revitalize your skin after a long winter! Spoil yourself with a spa day at home by applying an exfoliating facial mask twice a week. Not only does this treatment deep cleanse your pores, but it also helps eliminates redness and dull, dry skin.

    Moisturize – This is the most important step in achieving a healthy look. In the post-winter months your skin is crying out for rehydration — flaky skin does not scream “healthy glow.” 

    Provide your skin with the nutrients it needs by using either a lightweight lotion (best in the summer) or, if you require more moisture, a cream formula (this works well if you find your office building dry).

    Self-tanner – Most of us do look better with a tan–but with the sun so dangerous, it has to be a fake one. For your body, opt for a gradual self-tanner formula to gradually add some colour to your skin without causing sun damage. For above the neck, look for a formula specifically designed for the face, and use a cotton pad to apply it evenly.



    Concealer – This little miracle worker hides dark circles, blemishes and any other imperfections. Using your ring finger, gently apply it under the eyes, over the eyelids and the base of your nose (where you can find redness), and on any other areas of discolouration.

    Luminizer – The secret to a Hollywood glow, luminizer provides a soft shine to an otherwise matte face. To achieve that angelic look, use your ring finger to apply luminizer to the tops of your cheeks and along your upper brow bone.

    Bronzer or blush – If you’re still unsure about self-tanner, bronzer is always a good option. Apply it with a brush to your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin–anywhere the light would naturally hit your face. To add a little extra colour and dimension, apply blush on top of the bronzer to your cheek bones. You want to be conservative with your applications and make sure to blend well.



    Trim – Don’t try this at home (unless, of course, you’re certified). One way to keep your hair looking healthy is to keep it trimmed at a length that is comfortable for you. Ratty-looking ends can make your hair look stringy and malnourished.

    Conditioner – Avoid split ends and dried out locks by keeping your hair hydrated with conditioner. The state of your hair is vital to your overall healthy look, so don’t settle for damaged tresses — condition daily for full-bodied hair that shines.

    Hair Serum – Hair products like sprays and gels can weigh down your hair, making it look tangled and dry. Apply a small amount of serum to your hair for a smooth, silky finish that adds shine.


    What are your tricks for looking instantly healthier? Tell us in the comments!

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