Playing Down Pink

Pink may have previously been attributed to the likes of Barbie and super-feminine fashion, but for those of us not particularly inclined to wear bows, frills or anything stereotypically pink, there’s still a way of wearing the shade without subscribing to the girly agenda the colour formerly called for. Here’s how to play down pink and make it your own “ no Barbie or Legally Blonde references included.


Last year, denim became more than just the standard answer to what do I wear with this? and since then, we’ve been introduced to an entirely new way of wearing the material: through patterns and colours. Brands like American Apparel, Cheap Monday and stores like Urban Outfitters have brought back an alternative to blue jeans, and by wearing a faded, dingier shade of pink, you’ll remain a far cry from the stereotypical girly-girl. Worn with black, grey or even a patterned button-up, you’ll still be flaunting the shade but without the overt pink qualities, showcasing the tone with an edge as opposed to the polished, preppy look the colour was once aligned with.


You may gravitate towards a pink or pink-patterned shirt, but for fear of connotations or a lack of matching wardrobe, you may also be less inclined to pick it up and try it on. If you’re not one to wear the colour regularly, simply ease into pink by balancing it with neutrals like denim, khaki or even black. True, Avril Lavigne pioneered the pink-and-black faux punk rock aesthetic, but by wearing a grey cardigan, denim jacket or a third piece that takes away from the overt contrast between the two, your look will be balanced enough that each piece stands out as opposed to each colour.


Often, pink can be intimidating if its not broken up or worn as a statement, but if you’re a fan of the shade and not its obviousness, simply opt to wear it as a patterned item or amongst the mixing of patterns altogether. This spring, vintage-inspired cardigans are perfect for showcasing the colour alongside other bright shades, or if you’re one to take to the thrift stores on your own, opt for a sweater or jacket that includes the colour in a design over a neutral backdrop. Of course, mixing and matching is the perfect way of balancing pink: by wearing a pink-patterned top with a striped cardigan or a pair of floral-print high-waisted jeans, you’ll still showcase the colour without wearing it.


One of the hottest looks of spring 2011 is neon, and if you’re not one to don a pastel shade of any colour, a vibrant, dynamic piece will provide an alternative to the softer, pale looks spring has otherwise been associated with. A dramatic aesthetic will take away from the feminine girlish qualities of pink, and by donning a neon dress, tank or even a jacket, you’ll gravitate towards retro over ˜girl next door’ while embracing one of the year’s biggest fashion comebacks.

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