How To Find Your Signature Scent

We all know that this person. That one person who has a scent so definitive that you are positive you will always go through life associating that scent with that person. Sometimes it is a boyfriend, sometimes it is an ex, sometimes it is a best friend, and sometimes it is even your very own mom. Whomever it is, there is something wonderful about the connection between scent and memory. And who doesn’t want to be memorable right? So let’s find out how to nail down your very own signature scent.

Know what you like
Start out your scent hunt by making two lists, one with all the fragrances you like and one with all the ones you don’t. Next to each fragrance jot down what it is that you like or dislike about each scent (ie. “floral scent”, “sweet and sugary”, “too strong”, etc). This will help give you a great base to work off of when you start looking at new scents.
Know your personality
Just like memory and scent are closely tied, so are personality and scent. It is important to make sure you are honest with yourself about your personality traits in order to find a scent that best suits you. For example, a shy and reserved type will only raise curious glances with a strong, powerful, sexy scent. The same goes for a deep, woodsy scent on someone who might be considered, well, slightly “materialistic”.
Know your notes
Take the time to research the way fragrance notes work. Learn about top notes, middle notes, and base notes, and learn how to read them all on packaging. You will want to consider them all when you are looking for a perfume. Learn about both traditional and modern notes and again make notes scents within these groupings that appeal to you or that you know you like.
Sample your choices
Once you have a good idea of the scents and notes that you are leaning towards, head out to the closest department store fragrance counter and start testing out. If you are so inclined, pull aside one of the staff members and let them know the kind of fragrance you are looking for. They are often well trained in this area and can provide a wealth of knowledge on if you are headed in the right direction.
Ask for help
Once you have narrowed your decision down to a few scents bring along someone else to try them out with you. You may think a particular scent smells fabulous on you but to someone else it might be downright disgusting. And don’t forget to bring someone who knows you well and will be honest, like your mom or your best friend. If the scent you choice doesn’t perfectly represent you, these will be the people who will tell you straight out!
Don’t be afraid to mix and match
No one is holding you down and forcing you to stick to one particular perfume as your signature scent. Mixing and matching two, or even three, different complimentary scents is the perfect way to get a signature scent that truly is all your own. Don’t be afraid to try out different combinations you think might work. Some will be great and, well, some will be awful, but you will never know until you try!

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