The Next Wellness Trend: The Life Cleanse

A little behind on your spring cleaning? Thinking about doing a body cleanse? Go one step further this summer and give yourself that much needed life cleanse of unwanted drama and mental clutter that has been building up. Summer is often the time that we are more carefree and just generally happier. Try to let go of that bad joo joo, if you will, that has built up over the winter. We say: out with the old and unsatisfying, and in with the new, exciting and positive things that are coming your way this summer.

Everyone has that friend or relationship that always brings drama and too much unnecessary stress. If you are one of those people that always tries to fix things and can sometimes be a bit of a push over, it’s time to stand strong. Think about ˜you’ every once in a while, and don’t let that one toxic person, or group of people, walk all over you and cause you to fret over the little things. Try to take a break from seeing that friend or person. Separation and a little absence can sometimes do a friendship good. Like any relationship, you will want to spend more time with them in a month or so once you have had some time to breathe. It is also pretty safe to say, that they will miss you, and your shoulder to cry on, and might appreciate you a little more.

In the spirit of your life purification, why not look to one of the biggest causes for personal clutter; that one guy you know is bad for you. There is always one, every girl has one but she keeps going back to him. Well say no sister! He’s hurt you, he’s left you unsatisfied (okay maybe a little satisfied in some areas!) and you know he doesn’t treat you right. If you have to, suss out the situation one more time. Give him that absolute last chance to surprise you and be the man you were hoping he would be. If nothing changes, than it is time for you to change. Allow yourself to let go of that relationship and you will find you are able to be more open to new experiences, and new men! Immerse yourself in new things and meeting new people and that guy will be a thing of the past.

Speaking of the past, you know that old pile of mail, flyers and other clutter in your bedroom, living room and kitchen? Get rid of it. Whether you are a neat freak or not, actual physical clutter can keep you from moving on just as much as emotional clutter. Ditch your hoarding tendencies and tackle that mountain of unopened junk mail. You will feel fresh and renewed when you walk into your place and don’t see stacks of junk. A clear, clean living environment on the outside can only do good for a clear mind and soul on the inside. You can also feel good about being green and recycling all that unwanted paper! 

To cap things off on your new de-cluttered life and self, make some summer plans that scream ˜fresh start’. Do something you have never done, volunteer, give blood, feel like a kid again¦whatever it is, make it about you and your happiness. You will start to love yourself even more than you already do; it will just be the new, cleansed, fresh you!

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