Hairstyles for Winter

With a new season (and countless holiday parties) approaching, there’s no better time to justify a change in your hairstyle “ especially since you no longer need to factor in humidity, sun and smog alerts to your day-to-day routine. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best hairstyles for winter “ so that if you’re feeling daring, you can head to your stylist and embrace change just in time for the holidays.


Blame it on New Girl or Rooney Mara, but while summer weather encouraged the bang grow-out, hairstyles for winter have been updated by blunt fringe. The ideal counterpart to the season’s minimalistic and geometric-oriented hairdos, bangs can update your look without you committing to losing length. And while you may worry about growing out as the months progress, by keeping bangs long and sweeping to one side, the awkward transition period will be nothing but a middle-school memory.

Updated Pixie

We read about Michelle Williams’ commitment to her now-trademark pixie, but in addition to the actress’ penchant for a short, cropped look, the runway flaunted shorn hairstyles for winter to (arguably) add modernity to classic, traditional fashion. However, while the pixie is hardly constituted as a trend, the updated take on the retro favourite has been flaunted by the likes of Ashlee Simpson, whose lengthier bangs and super-short back works with fine hair (read: the lack of volume that comes with winter), and can be worn either messy or sleek.

One-Length and Long

2011’s been a year of extremes, and winter hairstyles are no exceptions. Case in point: Katie Holmes’ long, barely-there layers paired with a center part that channels “ you guessed it “ the mid-to-late 1990s. Using some layers to help add movement to a long, flowing mane, ends are curled down and then straightened, keeping in-step with the simplicity of various collections’ clean lines and safe shades. The best part: an up-do is easily achieved simply by fastening hair into a low bun.

The Bob

Surprise, surprise “ the bob’s here to stay. But while last year saw a shorter take on one of the most achievable hairstyles for winter, this year sees two different versions: one, a longer, more geometric (read: blunt) solution, and the other “ a shagged-out look that calls for layering and texture. With a longer, blunt bob showcased by the likes of Tyra Banks, it may be easier to embrace bangs along with it. However, the grow-out process may work best with a layered interpretation “ especially since longer fringe will simply blend in with the rest of your hairstyles for winter.


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