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We are always on the hunt for new strengthening and hydrating hair products. Exciting products that help rescue the locks of someone who loves to play with different looks and styles. (Know anyone like that?) Something that works on all hair types, especially colour-treated and heat-styled hair and the latest to catch our attention is the Pantene Intense Rescue Shot: a single-dose tube packed with a soothing deep conditioner.

Curious? So were we! So we enlisted our trusted Beauty Panel to test drive Pantene’s one use deep condition Rescue Shots, and report back with the results. Read on to see our reviews, plus the beautiful results.

MARRISKA – Curly, Frizzy Hair
I have super curly, super frizzy hair. I colour it regularly, heat it regularly, kill it regularly. Split ends haunt me at night. My usual hair routine is applying shampoo, followed by conditioner and then a super hydrating mask followed by a leave-in and mousse. That’s all.

When I first used the Pantene Rescue Shot, I was worried that it would be just another step in my tall order of a routine (For an unholy second I considered skipping the conditioner). But I decided to not skip on conditioner, and applied the Rescue Shot tube after conditioning. Since I have a lot of hair, I used an entire tube to apply from root to tip.

The rich and creamy texture is more rich when you apply, but weightless on the hair. You can feel the results immediately after washing. It’s soft and super smooth — something the hair gods never blessed me with.

After using all three tubes, I have noticed that I don’t have to battle with the curls every morning as they are more defined and don’t break easily, while I still do have split ends (a work in progress), the product has made my hair feel less brittle, frizzy and certainly softer. Because of the texture of my curls, it’s easier to see the results once straightened (see above). It’s got a shine to it too.

BIANCA – Heat Damaged Hair
I usually try to avoid using a lot of heat on my hair through the spring, summer, and fall. However, styling with heat is harder for me to avoid in the winter, as I usually find I’m using at least a hair dryer, or flat iron on my hair daily. The impending heat damage, combined with trying to grow my hair out for a wedding this summer means my hair needs all the help it can get with keeping split ends in check, and minimizing damage. The intense concentrated formula of the Pantene Intense Rescue Shots did not disappoint. The formula smelled amazing (like candy), and applied just like a regular conditioner.

Shortly after applying the Rescue Shot, I could already feel how much softer my hair felt. After drying, my hair was shiny, looking and feeling healthier, and stronger than it had in months. The formula was rich and creamy, but didn’t feel heavy, and weigh my hair down the way that regular conditioners, and hair masks tend to. It’s so easy to use, and makes such a difference, even after one use. I love that it can be used on all hair types, and even colour-treated hair, which means I can continue using it to prevent further damage until my hair grows out, while having beautiful, healthy hair at every stage.

ADRIANA – Dry, Colour Treated Hair
You know that look, when you’re overdue for a cut and your hair looks dry, frizzy, dull, shapeless and meh? Well, that’s me and I’d be lying if I said it was the first time. I know, ironic right, for the beauty writer who’s constantly telling readers they need to take 60 seconds, literally, and up their game by applying a Pantene Rescue Shot to deep condition their hair and repair extreme damage in just one use.

So I did. I took my own advice.

I was heading to a swim competition where I’d be coaching all day and I was already expecting the worst for my hair. It alternates between randomly curling and matting itself on top of my scalp when I’m on a pool deck so I figured I had nothing to lose. Hopping into the shower, I washed and conditioned my hair and then squeezed the entire tube of Pantene Rescue Shot (like the name alludes, it’s basically a shot glass-size full of formula) all over my hair from roots to tips and left it on while I shaved my legs. The formulation was unique and felt rich and creamy, much like you would expect from a deep conditioner. Full disclosure, this worried me a bit because deep treatments tend to coat my fine and thin hair weighing it down. But this one didn’t.

The formula’s Pro-Vitamin B5 strengthening lipids and natural glycerin actually turned my dry, brittle hair into soft, shiny and much more resilient hair. And with volume and bounce, I might add. Plus, my blonde highlights looked bright and my blow dry held, not just for one day at the pool, but for two. If the judges had been giving out awards to coaches with cute hair, I like to think I would have got one.

ALYSSA – Frizzy, Fine Hair
The relationship I have with my hair has always been pretty complicated. I’m not a big fan of it, and it’s almost like it knows that because it never wants to cooperate with me (and if you know me, you know my hair is almost always in a pony hair). I mean, I get it, I haven’t been very easy on it over the past decade. Unlike my mom and sister who have beautiful, soft, spiralled curls, I would describe my hair as being frizzy, fine with very inconsistent waves. I’m not kidding, the roots on the right side of my head grow super curly, while the roots of the left lack so much volume. As for my ends, they’re damaged, dry and split from all the frequent heat styling. When I was first introduced to Pantene Rescue Shots, I was a bit skeptical. Although my hair does need the additional steps in conditioning, I typically avoid adding products to my hair if it’s not shampoo, conditioner or hairspray of the fear of weighing my it down. Heck, I don’t even like using a lot of conditioner! But after giving it a try, I honestly can say that the results were pretty amazing — almost like I got my hair treated professionally at a salon!

The Rescue Shots promise to repair the signs of damaged hair for a more healthy and shinier look and feel with the help of its Pro-Vitamin B5 and strengthing lipids-packed formula. So to put it to the test, I massaged one entire dosage to my roots and ends. It acts almost as a nourishing hair mask but without the downtime, which I l really like.

After thoroughly rinsing, I styled my hair as per usual with a quick blow dry and waving my hair with a straightening iron. I immediately noticed a lack of frizz and flyaways. My hair felt so soft, bouncy and the shine was unreal. But the ultimate test was on day two — I wanted to see if the results would last and to my surprise it did. My roots still had its volume while the rest of my hair still managed to hold up its style, texture and shine.

The photo of my hair was taken towards the end of day two.

ASHLEY – Fine, Dry Hair
I have pretty fine hair that tends to get very greasy and am usually skeptical when it comes to adding treatments or anything that will weigh my hair down. But with this tendency to under-moisture for fear of limp, lifeless strands, comes split ends and hair resembling what I can only equate to as hay. I’ve been a Pantene girl for much of my life, and when the Pantene Rescue Shots landed on my desk, I already had high hopes. Different from a traditional hair mask, they have all of the conditioning properties without leaving hair feeling weighed down or with a weird residue after—just super-soft, shiny hair and nary a split end in sight.

My other hair woe is that my hair gets incredibly tangled (partially because of the mayhem I put it through with a dry shampoo, heat styling and top knot trifecta in between wash days, partially because fine hair likes to knot itself into a bird’s nest). Even after shampooing and conditioning in the shower, I usually still need a quick spritz of a leave-in conditioner or detangler to be able to brush through it. I used half the ampoule from my mid-lengths to ends (but it’s light enough you could be generous and use the whole thing), rinsed it out and my brush went straight through my hair with no pulling or tangling.

Ready to give Pantene Rescue Shots a try? After all… One minute is all you need from start to rinse.

Pantene Rescue Shots are currently available at Amazon, Shoppers Drug Mart and other drug retailers.

*This post is brought to you by Pantene but the images and opinions are our own.

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